Tracy Flaherty

Tracy took a break from performance dance in 1987 to raise a family yet stayed connected to dance by becoming a world class teacher of dance and fitness classes at several top notch studios and health clubs. Tracy became an instant star for her unique and high energy dance and fitness classes and energetic style of teaching. Tracy also ran a highly successful personal fitness business where she coached and trained dozens of clients on improving their bodies and health through proper exercise and nutrition.

In 2003, Tracy took her dance career to another level by opening her first dance studio, Dance on The Edge. Her business took off and in 2010 Tracy moved her dance studio to a much larger space and renamed her business Tribe Body.

Today, Tribe Body is a premier destination for adult dance classes and has a rapidly growing kids, and young adult program called Tribe Generation. Tribe Body offers dozens of dance classes each week, and monthly workshops and master classes featuring distinguished teachers and working dance professionals who bring a wealth of industry expertise and knowledge to their classes and workshops.

Over the past 40 years Tracy has risen from a young dancer to a star dance teacher and highly successful business owner. A quick review of the Tribe Body website demonstrates the quality of her work and the value of the services Tribe Body provides through countless testimonials and thousands of customers.