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In an industry where the focus is usually placed on competition, recital prep and trophies, we prioritize the joy and artistry of dance. Tribe Body focuses on technique, teamwork, self-esteem and most importantly learning to dance from your heart. Experience the Tribe Generation difference and click on the offer below.


Based on ballet technique, jazz is an American style of dance that layers traditional technique with vibrant movement and lively music. Dancers will center their learning around proper jazz technique and individualism.


Dancers will combine musicality, technique, and clarity of sound in order to make music with their feet. Tap shoes are an instrument of dance that establishes percussion, and lively combinations. Tap dance is centered around dynamics, technical steps, and fast footwork in order to create a creative rhythm that is unique to each dancer.

Intro to Ballet/Lyrical

Intro to Ballet/Lyrical Dance class, specially designed for dancers aged 5 to 7 years old. This magical one-hour session is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of dance, fostering creativity, coordination, and a love for movement. In the ballet portion of the class, students will learn the grace and elegance of classical ballet positions, movements, and terminology. They will develop strength, flexibility, and posture as they dance across the floor and twirl with joy. Lyrical dance, with its expressive and emotional style, will complement the ballet portion, allowing our young artists to connect their movements with feelings and music.

Intro to Jazz/Tap

Intro to Jazz/Tap Dance class, specially designed for little dancers aged 5 to 7 years old. This energetic and fun-filled one-hour session is the perfect opportunity for young dancers to explore the rhythms and movements of these two dynamic dance styles. In the jazz portion of the class, students will explore the vibrant and expressive world of jazz dance. They’ll learn to move with style, incorporating kicks, turns, and leaps that showcase their individuality and creativity. This high-energy segment is all about building confidence and encouraging self-expression through lively choreography set to popular and age-appropriate music. Next up is the infectious rhythm of tap dance! Our little dancers will be introduced to the exhilarating sound of tap shoes as they learn to create captivating beats and rhythms with their feet. This segment will enhance their sense of musicality and coordination while encouraging teamwork as they dance together in unison.

Aerial Silks

Using low-medium hanging aerial hammocks, our students are immersed in the elegance of an art form. Combining fun, athleticism and creativity, aerial dance provides a full body workout.


Learn the five key components of Acro Dance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Enter a new dimension of dance, fusing classic dance techniques with the exactitude, agility & strength of acrobatic elements. 3 levels include Intro to Acro, Beginner/Intermediate

Leaps, Turns & Tricks

This class is designed to improve the dancer’s overall range of motion when it comes to jumps, turns, flexibility, and acrobatic tricks. Using dance technique as the base to build upon and safely execute all skills.


Ballet technique is the foundation of all dance styles and crucial in the making of a technical dancer. This art form enables dancers of all levels to improve posture, alignment, strength, flexibility & discipline. 5 levels available.


This class begins with a comprehensive warm-up to prepare your feet and ankles for the demands of pointe work. We’ll then delve into various exercises that focus on building foot articulation, ankle stability, and core strength to support your pointe work. Our instructor will provide individualized attention, offering guidance and corrections to help you progress and develop your pointe skills. You’ll learn classical ballet combinations that challenge and elevate your technical abilities, enhancing your balance, control, and poise on pointe.

Strength Training

Strength training specifically designed for dancers. This class will cater to the unique needs of dancers who wish to enhance their physical strength and conditioning to excel in their performance and prevent injuries. This specialized strength training class blends elements of traditional strength training with targeted exercises tailored to improve dancers’ flexibility, balance, and coordination. It is suitable for dancers of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Broadway Jazz

Broadway Jazz is an exploratory style that connects acting to dancing. Using elements of musical theatre, this style combines proper technique and musicality to give dancers the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and hone in on the performance aspect of being on stage.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an energetic, syncopated, upbeat style of dance that allows for students to create their own style within the movement. Hip Hop incorporates traditional technique and vocabulary while giving dancers the opportunity to improvise and freestyle.

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Rooted in ballet and modern dance, contemporary is derived from a mind-body connection and technique. Dancers will learn how to connect their movements to the music while strengthening their alignment, musicality, and development of personal style.

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