Adult Classes

Adult Dance & Fitness Classes

Take a dance class that will teach
you new skills, improve your health,
and ignite a fresh passion for life.

Tribe Body is one of the only dance studios to have a robust adult dance program.
The adult program allows you to buy a class card in different quantities and take various dance classes on demand.


Lyrical Dance is a synthesis of ballet and jazz skills where the combination of music & lyrics inspire the choreography. While it encourages dancers to express themselves through movement it also builds focus, technique and discipline.

Special Offer: 4 Classes For $75

Jazz Cardio

Learn & master Jazz steps  such as: chaines, piques, pirouettes, jazz turns, and specific ballet turns. Then conquer the Jazz Leaps: grande jetes, turning jumps, and tour jetes. Throw in the “jazz walk” and “contraction” and you’re a jazz dancer

Special Offer: 4 Classes For $75

Street Jazz

Join the modern “freestyle” phenomenon as you master the art of “popping”, “locking”, and “breaking.
Hip Hop offers an exciting dance medium for fitness, artistry and self expression.
Take the skills you have and turn them into dance art.

Special Offer: 4 Classes For $75

Dancers Body

Based on the barre exercises of ballet, our program blends several training styles to make a single, highly effective strength building class. Ideal cross-training for dancers.

Special Offer: 4 Classes For $75