Adult Class Videos

Jazz Cardio Sophia Marzocca Special Jazz Class to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
  About this video: Sophia teaching Michael Jackson Thriller choreography to get the Tribe in the Halloween spirit.

  Teen Videos

Hip Hop Night ANT Boogie Master Hip Hop Class
Special Hip Hop Night at Tribe Body featuring The Twins, Scott & Brian Nicholson and Jose BoyBoi Tena. About this video: Ant Boogie visit Tribe Body with DJ Buddz to teach Hip Hop master class.

  Master Classes / Workshops

Maria Torres Jazz Workshop Jess Leprotto Broadway Jazz Master Class
Maria Torres Jazz Workshop - Adult & Teen About this video: Jess Leprotto visits Tribe Body to teach adults and teens broadway dance styles and dance moves to broadway musical classics.
Ian Eastwood Hip Hop Master Class
About this video: Ian Eastwood teaching Hip Hop moves to large group of teens and young adults.

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